Other Forms of Divination

As well as tarot, lenormand and other cartomantic systems, I practise other forms of divination. Here are some I’ve been using recently. Charm Casting I have a set of charms representing a tarot deck, using a charm for each of the major arcana cards, one for each suit and a d14 to see which specific… Continue reading Other Forms of Divination

How I organise my collection

Another question I’m often asked is how I organise my collection. I have stored my decks in a number of different ways as my collection slowly grew from two tarot decks to the current 149 decks. Initially, I just kept them on my desk. That’s clearly no longer an option, I’d need a significantly larger… Continue reading How I organise my collection

What I believe about tarot

Tarot, and other types of cartomancy deck for that matter, are understood in different ways by different people, depending on their beliefs about various things such as deity, the supernatural, psychic abilities and so on. There are a wide range of opinions, some think they’re a way to receive messages from divine beings or guides,… Continue reading What I believe about tarot

Where it all started

I got my first tarot decks in around 2009. I was living in Toronto at the time, and I remember that I got them from The World’s Biggest Bookstore, which was a pretty big bookstore, unsurprisingly. I don’t remember which deck I got first, or even whether I got them at the same time or not,… Continue reading Where it all started